The Pilgrimage

By Paulo Coelho, Julia Sanches (translator),

Book cover of The Pilgrimage: A Contemporary Quest for Ancient Wisdom

Book description

In this gripping story, Paulo Coelho is on a quest for the ultimate in self-knowledge, wisdom and spiritual mastery.

Guided by his mysterious companion Petrus, he takes the road to Santiago, going through a series of trials and tests along the way, even coming face to face with someone who…

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This deeply moving tale in Coelho’s well-known philosophical style was my first-ever conscious encounter with key principles of transformation. I’d read some of his other books but although they were uplifting, this one resonated so powerfully I realised it contained keys to unlocking my own self-exploration. It touched me so deeply I created a list of quotes that resonated with me and kept them close, even learning some by heart.

This book actually preceded the more famous Alchemist written by Paolo Coelho, but served as its inspiration. It is one of two autobiographical works by Coelho and recounts his journey across Northern Spain along the medieval pilgrimage route to Santiago. When Coelho walked the road in the 1980s, it was neglected and almost entirely forgotten. His work has inspired hundreds of thousands to revisit that magical path! I was fortunate enough to walk the road in 2007 and I credit that experience to reading The Pilgrimage at 15.

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