Last Chance to See

By Douglas Adams, Mark Carwardine,

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'Descriptive writing of a high order... this is an extremely intelligent book' The Times

Join Douglas Adams, bestselling and beloved author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and zoologist Mark Carwardine on an adventure in search of the world's most endangered and exotic creatures.

In this book, Adams' self-proclaimed…

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Douglas Adams didn’t leave us enough books before he died, and so I find it strange that many Adams fans have somehow overlooked this gem, in which he applies his famously quirky wit to a real-life environmental cause. I’m recommending this one now because it perfectly exemplifies the idea that, in order to be truly sad about the plight of an endangered creature, you first must have a good long laugh at the creature’s expense. Adams makes me feel as if a Komodo Dragon is, not just majestic, but a friend that I’ve gone pub crawling with. 

This might just be my desert island book. I’m not ready to put a pin in that statement just yet, but I can’t think of another book that captured my heart quite like this one.

Written by Douglas Adams, of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame, and British zoologist Mark Carwardine, this 1990 masterpiece takes the reader on a round-the-world journey to encounter some of the most endangered and charismatic species on Earth. Destinations include Zaire, China, New Zealand, and Mauritius. Subjects include blind river dolphins, the Komodo dragon and the kakapo – a giant, flightless parrot that is…

From Becky's list on bizarre animal adventures.

In this rollicking, wildlife adventure Douglas Adams takes a break from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to come back to Earth in this important non-fiction work about some of the world’s most endangered animals. I loved the humor and sensitivity this fiction writer brings to the natural world, showing us just how important each being is in the grand scheme of this planet.

From Leigh's list on encounters with wild animals.

What happens when a science-fiction writer accompanies a naturalist to observe animals before they become extinct? Douglas Adams is known as the author of The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy, but his observations of severely endangered animals add humour to this very serious subject. As well as other locations, he visits Mauritius, visiting some places Gerald Durrell helped establish, Rodrigues, also in the Indian Ocean, and Komodo Island in Indonesia where he observes Komodo Dragons in a contrived tourist attraction. Notably, since the book was published over twenty years ago, one species has been lost forever, and at least one…

From Simon's list on remote tropical islands.

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