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A tiny chimp invokes the universal language, uniting his friends in a group hug to end all group hugs. Just try to resist Jez Alborough's latest charmer!

Ever feel like you need a hug? A really big hug from someone who loves you? That's how Bobo, the little chimp in…

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This is a children’s book that tells the story about a sweet chimp who is looking for a hug from a variety of different animals and can’t seem to get one.

The story evokes strong feelings from young children about rejection, the need to be connected to other people, and the need to belong. I love this book because there are very few words in it, so it gives you and your child the opportunity to fill in the gaps with what you think is happening. 

Also, talking about experiences of rejection can be very difficult for children, and this…

Hug, an almost wordless picture book by author-illustrator Jez Alborough, shows Bobo the monkey saying “Hug” over and over again as he watches his jungle friends embrace. The expressive animals make it clear that they’re enjoying their cuddles. At the end, Bobo finally gets the big hug he desires. The board book edition makes a wonderful present for little ones who like to look at books and bite them too. Plus, “hug” is a great word to add to a toddler’s growing vocabulary. 

From Sandra's list on children’s books about hugs.

You’re gonna judge me, but I don’t care because this little book landed on me so hard. My playwriting professor, Rinne Groff, brought it into class to demonstrate the importance of giving your protagonist a clear want, and I have never forgotten it. It’s about a lonely little monkey named Bobo who just wants a hug, but all the animals he approaches in the jungle can’t really give him one because they’re too little or they don’t have arms or whatever and I just wanna be like “I will hug you, little monkey! I will hug you as long…

From Chisa's list on finding joy in dark-ass times.

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