Cold Blood, Hot Sea

By Charlene D'Avanzo,

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"Sleuths will have to figure out who done it, but the real crime is the backdrop here: the endless heating of a fragile planet."
—BILL MCKIBBEN, author of Falter

A thrilling contribution to the new wave of cli–fi hitting the shelves, Cold Blood, Hot Sea pits climate change scientists against…

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Charlene D’Avanzo is a respected marine ecologist, and her expertise and love for the living creatures of the ocean shine through every page of Cold Blood, Hot Water. But in this, her first novel, she’s after much bigger fish than the ones who swim along with her research vessel. What she reveals to the reader is the real and potentially dire impacts of climate change on the ocean, and the dark motives that drive the energy industry and other malefactors to deny the threat. The wealth of scientific detail in her narrative never overwhelms the human drama of her…

From Brooks' list on environmental and cli-fi adventures.

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