Les derniers feux de la monarchie

By Charles-Éloi Vial,

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Le crépuscule de la Cour.

La cour de France n'est pas morte avec l'Ancien Régime. Au contraire, elle n'a cessé de renaître de ses cendres et de se métamorphoser sous les quatre rois – Louis XVI, Louis XVIII, Charles X, Louis-Philippe – et les deux empereurs, Napoléon Ier puis Napoléon…

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In this dazzling panorama, using many unpublished sources, Vial brilliantly brings to life the French court as it reinvented and redefined itself after 1789. Because of the feeling of insecurity generated by revolutions, coups, and invasions, Napoleon I and III, the restored Bourbons, and Louis-Philippe tried harder, through public ceremonies, court entertainments, artistic patronage, and good works, to win the popularity which they all knew they needed. In its last, and in some ways most splendid century, the French court had to decide what to retain, what to change, whom to trust and whom to invade. Only after trying many…

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