Journey of the Pink Dolphins

By Sy Montgomery,

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By the acclaimed author of The Soul of an Octopus and the bestselling memoir The Good Good Pig.

When Sy Montgomery ventured into the Amazon to unlock the mysteries of the littleknown pink dolphins, she found ancient whales that plied the Amazon River at dawn and dusk, swam through treetops…

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The author went on a journey to discover all she could about the pink dolphins (the botos) of Brazil, but she soon found herself immersed in the folklore and myth of this very real animal. She learns that people who live with the botos believe the dolphins are shapeshifters who live human-like lives in an amazing underwater world—the Encante—where everything in life is better. Even so, they come out of the water as human beings to visit our world and interact with the locals. They can only be recognized by the hats they wear to cover the blowholes in the…

Journey of the Pink Dolphins was the first of Sy Montgomery’s many wonderful books that I read. I was captivated by Montgomery’s encounters with the mysterious pink river dolphins and other Amazonian creatures. As she wove together the history of the Amazon with the mythology of the land and its animals and people, I loved how her adventure unfolded. I realized that this was the kind of nature writer I wanted to be. Sy Montgomery’s narrative style helped me find my own nature writing voice.

From Leigh's list on encounters with wild animals.

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