Educated by the Earl

By Annabelle Anders,

Book cover of Educated by the Earl

Book description

A strait-laced schoolteacher and a rakish earl are stranded together at Miss Primm’s School for the holidays. Alone.

The lady follows the rules

Etiquette teacher, Miss Victoria Shipley, isn’t looking for romance. She is moral, proper and takes her position as assistant headmistress quite seriously. But when she’s left alone…

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How can you not gobble up a series entitled Miss Primm's Secret School for Budding Bluestockings? In this installment, everyone has gone away for the Christmas holidays, leaving our heroine all alone in the rambling mansion. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s awoken in the middle of the night by an intruder! This just happens to be Miss Primm’s brother, breaking in to escape a terrible snowstorm, and hurting himself in the process. As Victoria nurses her unwanted guest’s injuries, a little flame begins to warm her heart, but are her feelings reciprocated? I love the chemistry between…

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