Quantify Meeting Pain

With a single click see all of your meeting statistics, habits, and more!


What's it look like?

We provide you with a number of stats regarding your meetings, including time spent in meetings, the percentage of your life spent in meetings, the estimated cost to the company of those meetings, meeting habits and much more.

Take a look at Ben’s profile to see what kind of information you will get about your meetings.

How Does This Work?

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We connect to your online calendar.

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We crunch 12 months of data.

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We give you a report that looks like this.

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We remove the connection to your calendar.

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How Do We Ensure Privacy?

We do not store any personal meeting data!

We ONLY store your email address and the meeting stats totals.

You grant us read-only access to your calendar.

The ONLY thing we do is tabulate your totals and we do not store any of your personal meeting data.

Once we crunch your data, we remove our access.

As soon as we finish tabulating your data we revoke our access so we can't access your calendar without you granting permissions again.

We do not share your personal data with anyone.

We do not share your email or personal data with anyone. We do use the combined anonymized data to learn about meetings and publish articles about trends and what we have learned.

Let's Do It!
It’s completely free to use, get your stats today!
Why Are We Doing This?
Because meetings do not have to suck and we think we can make them better.
Does your company need a meeting intervention? Contact us as we would love to help.
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