Your Weekly Meeting Insights

Your Weekly Meeting Insights

With our free app you can opt into our free weekly meeting insights email. With this email you get an outline of what your upcoming week looks like. You can easily see how much of a meeting load you are under and how much time you have for deep work. We also have options for our paid company partners to flag meetings that are missing an agenda, location or other options to bring meetings inline with your company culture.

What is the desired outcome?

  • You delete, shorten, and optimize the meetings they are having.
  • You create larger blocks of time for deep work.
  • You can get a better view of your work and make better choices.

Plus you can view your progress and more detailed work stats in our web report.

What is Deep Work and why is it important?

Deep work is defined as any period of time where you have 90+ minutes. Why a minimum of 90 minutes? Based on our research we believe that is the minimum amount of time to get in a flow state and work on a task that needs your full attention. Deep work is the work that truely moves the company forward and is the time your team needs in order to do their best work.