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In the exciting build-up to publication of Stephen King's new mainstream novel, LISEY'S STORY, enjoy this world-famous classic novel on audio.

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Misery was one of the first ever horror books I read and now that I’m an author I totally understand why Stephen King wrote it. This is a little different to traditional horror. No monsters or ghouls or masked murderers chasing a cheerleader through a forest at night with a huge knife. Just a sweet nurse who saves an author's life and just so happens to be his number one fan, and of course a very disturbed individual who decides to keep him captive. Broken legs does make it difficult to run, right? The feeling of hopelessness and being trapped…

From John's list on madness, fear, and the unknown.

My favourite Stephen King novels feature a writer and his intentions pitted against some malevolent force: a literary fiction writer versus his horror-writer alter ego in The Dark Half; Jack Torrance hoping to write a play in a haunted hotel in The Shining; and Paul Sheldon who has written his final romance novel, killing off his heroine in the process, and must now face the wrath of his ‘number one fan’ in Misery. It’s a great horror story, an oppressive nightmare, and the character of Annie Wilkes is awesome, but King has also written eloquently about how…

From Alison's list on in which things take a nasty turn.

On the surface Misery is a clever thriller, something the film adaptation captured. But what makes the book brilliant is how it engages head on with the act of writing itself and the challenges of trying to satisfy yourself and your audience simultaneously. It is ultimately a portrait of an artist slowly learning he can’t escape his own limitations and slowly discovering a kind of acceptance and even exultance in that. That it takes some of King’s most personal writing and wraps in up in the trappings of an unpredictable one-sitting page turner might be the novel’s true genius.

From Gabriel's list on thought provoking thrillers.

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