Atomic Fireflies

By A.C. Merkel,

Book cover of Atomic Fireflies: A Tale Of The Knockoffs

Book description

Beauty is Tin Deep...

When Kaemon meets a strange racer on Tokyo’s freeways, his life will be changed forever. Can a broken man find a new life amidst the chaos of cars, robots, and aliens?

Retro-futuristic tale for fans of the ‘90s, Japan, Transformers, Tokyo Drift, and Ready Player One!…

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This quick read is the lovechild of Transformers and Wangan Midnight. As silly as it is brilliant, this is a retro slice of Cyberpunk fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Fast-paced and filled with lots of action, Atomic Fireflies is sure to put a digital smile on the face of any Cyberpunk reader.

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