The best books to keep you away from freaking out in Hell

Oladapo Richard Osuntokun Author Of The Ordained Demon: The Story of a Young Priest
By Oladapo Richard Osuntokun

Who am I?

I am interested in identifying and narrowing the fringes between Religion and Psychology and Psychiatry and bringing them together. I am especially interested in pastoral counseling through meditation and prayer. As a Psychiatrist, counselor, teacher of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Religion, and Pastor of a church. My passion is refining and simplifying the processes involved in tackling day-to-day obstacles posed by depression, PTSD, suicide, drug addiction, and other life-threatening mental health issues. I love storytelling. Most of my books will start with a story that will help everyone draw an independent personal conclusion on how to deal with a universal problem.

I wrote...

The Ordained Demon: The Story of a Young Priest

By Oladapo Richard Osuntokun,

Book cover of The Ordained Demon: The Story of a Young Priest

What is my book about?

The Ordained Demon discusses the Hellish consequences of Temptation. It presents this captivating story of a priest who fell into sin and, using this as an example, brings you back to God. The story's protagonist can be anyone of the readers in real life. We must remember that the more successful an individual becomes, the higher and more robust the Temptation of Satan. 

I provided insight and analysis of the proceedings in each chapter with the "Reflection" for readers to get a deeper understanding of what happened. Each chapter ends with the "straight talk," which provides a bullet point-by-point suggestion of meditation and prayer points of what anyone can do to salvage their life if faced with the same problems. 

The books I picked & why

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Devil On the Front Row: Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Demons in the Modern Church

By Ron Sutton,

Book cover of Devil On the Front Row: Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Demons in the Modern Church

Why this book?

The depiction in this book is similar to what I have tried to illustrate in my book, where the demonic spirit hijacks the main character, and the center of the equilibrium could no longer hold. Ron Sutton thinks Satan is a regular church attendee. Various ills and devilish intent have taken over the church, which is supposed to be a place of holiness. 

The question is, does Satan go to church? 

I believe this bothered Ron Sutton when he said: "The devil could sit on the front row in many church services throughout America today and never experience an uncomfortable moment."  

Of course, he is right. I believe the Devil sits on the front row and within the altar. He conducts the service, counsels his disciples in high places in the church, and even performs miracles.

Every church and every leader must embrace the truths in the Bible as it's written. A straight constructionist approach to God's words prevents Temptation.

Truth for Life: 365 Daily Devotions

By Alistair Begg,

Book cover of Truth for Life: 365 Daily Devotions

Why this book?

This book illustrates my second interest, meditation and prayer. This contains many words of encouragement for readers as they go through daily personal obstacles and struggles. 

Alistair Begg did a fantastic job bringing out the words of truth to anchor our lives and excite and equip us to live for Christ. This book is comparable to the attempts in my book, which use the Scriptures to explain each chapter's struggle and illustrate God's greatness and Grace in our lives. 

There is nothing better for a Christian than to remain prayerful and faithful as we go to war every day. 365 days of 365 prayers are comparable to the straight talk in the ordained demon.

Jesus and the Addict: Twelve Bible Studies for People Getting Free from Drugs

By Dr. Pam Morrison,

Book cover of Jesus and the Addict: Twelve Bible Studies for People Getting Free from Drugs

Why this book?

Drug abuse has now become one of the greatest banes of our society. The drugs take over the mind and life of the addict and those around him.   

Even the big book has come to appreciate the presence of God in his healing power. One of the chapters in my book is on drug abuse, and it will be an excellent read for everyone. 

The book's straight talk points for meditation on this topic are easy to follow and on point. Overcoming fear, anger, the need to go away for treatment, and resentment from loved ones can be challenging for anyone in recovery. Some struggle with their ability to internalize care; poor financial support or insurance carrier is proven obstacles to treatment.

Both books insist on Christ as the only powerful source of healing and insight.

The Truth About Lies: The Unlikely Role of Temptation in Who You Will Become

By Tim Chaddick,

Book cover of The Truth About Lies: The Unlikely Role of Temptation in Who You Will Become

Why this book?

Tim Chaddick also confronts the topic of Temptation in a very insightful and informative rendition, including some self-disclosure about his background. 

He discussed the "unlikely Role of Temptation in Who You Will become." 

This book seeks to help readers identify temptations in day-to-day living and to use the book as a launching pad for their understanding and soul-searching of how to prevent and treat this distracting but ever-present issue.  

Of course, Temptation is the obstacle that harbors the pathway to victory, freedom, and spiritual growth through Jesus. To help us solidify our faith. I recommend this to every Christian as it talks about Temptation and how to improve our confidence which is immensely necessary for salvation.  

Devil in the Baptist Church: Bob Gray's Unholy Trinity

By Tim Gilmore,

Book cover of Devil in the Baptist Church: Bob Gray's Unholy Trinity

Why this book?

This book comes out with a story about the consequences of Temptation in a close and personal way. Both books must bring the fear of the Lord into the denominator, so anyone at the top, any pastor or Priest, must plant his feet on a solid foundation: the rock of Jesus Christ.

The scandal of Bob Gray, the Pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church and the founder of the Trinity Baptist academy in Jacksonville, Florida, depicts how Satan is always hovering around to make God's anointed people fall like a bag of cement. These stories indicate why every Pastor or religious leader must be engaged, close to, or have access to pastoral and regular therapeutic counseling.  

There must be as many therapists close to a man like this as many parishioners. As the achievement of a man of God intensifies, so must be the need for him to talk about his conscious and unconscious motivation, wishes, and impulses.

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